Eighty Hadiths on
the Prophet's Knowledge of the Unseen

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Sharh (explanation)

Part 5

Hadith Index Entries For Knowledge of the Unseen

(There are about 100 entries for about 80 narrations because some narrations actually contain two or several indexable sayings.):

A boy shall be born to you after me
A man from Paradise is about to come
A man from the dwellers of Paradise is about to come
A man from the people of Paradise is about to enter
A Prophet who sees around him what others do not (H.assân)
Abû Bakr al-S.iddîq shall not tarry but little after me
Abû Bakr is in Janna, `Umar is in Janna...
Abû Turâb! Shall I not tell you of the two wickedest people
Allâh has brought up the whole world before my eyes
Allâh would not have T.alh.a enter Paradise except firmly
Among us is the Messenger of Allâh reciting His Book (Ibn Rawâh.a)
Anas, let him in, give him the glad tidings of Paradise
Avoid saying this
Be firm, Uh.ud!
Be still [H.irâ']! There is none on top of you but...
Call your father and brother so I will put something in writing
Come near - then he spat into his eyes
Dissension shall surge like the waves of the sea
Do not go to the people of Iraq
Do not weep for you shall be the first to follow me
Drops from the blood of `Uthmân shall fall
Forgive us and may Allâh forgive you (`Umar)
Gibrîl informed me that al-H.usayn would be killed
Gibrîl just came and told me my Community would kill this son of mine
Gibrîl told me that my son, al-H.usayn, would be killed
Give him permission and give him the glad tidings
Go and see Abû Bakr. You will find him sitting inside his house
He (`Alî) shall not die other than murdered
He blew on my eyes (`Alî)
He spat into his eyes and he was cured
He told us about all that would take place
from that very moment until the Rising
Hush! By Allâh, even if there is none among us to tell him
I can see a spotted dog drooling over the blood of the people of my House
I could certainly tell you about a great number of those who will be in the Fire
I do not know whether my companions forgot or pretended to
I do not think he circumambulated it while we are under siege
I know nothing except what my Lord taught me
I saw the Prophet raising his hands supplicating
If this soil turns to blood, know that my son has been killed
Is it new or has it been washed already?
It smells of hardship and affliction
May they perish the day they kill `Uthmân
(The) Messenger of Allâh did not omit a single instigator
of sedition until the end of the world
(The) Messenger of Allâh took a covenant from me
Messenger of Allâh, only recently were we in a time of ignorance (`Umar)
Most criminal of all people is he that shall strike you here
My eyes were never sore nor inflamed again (`Alî)
My funeral has just been announced
No [fitna] as long as Ibn al-Khat.t.âb is alive (Khâlid)
No dissension can reach as long as this man is among you
No, it is the sandal repairman
None shall die with a mustard seed's worth of love (H.udhayfa)
O Allâh! If You wish, let it be `Alî
O Allâh! remove from him hot and cold
Perhaps you came to ask Fât.ima's hand?
The Prophet handed me a handful of red earth
The Prophet informed me of all that would happen
until the Day of Resurrection
The Prophet prayed fajr with us then climbed the pulpit
The Prophet stood among us [speaking] for a long time
The Prophet took my pledge that I must fight traitors
Remit them to Abû Bakr
Say nothing to me as long as I say nothing to you
Some of us would refrain from approaching his wife
Take for your leaders the two that come after me
Tell him he shall be my successor after `Umar
Tell him he shall be my successor after Abû Bakr
Tell them we have not come to fight but only for the Minor Pilgrimage
The Angel of rain asked permission to visit the Prophet
The beginning of dissensions is the murder of `Uthmân (H.udhayfa)
The sun shall not set before Allâh first brings you some sustenance
There is in you (`Alî) a similarity to `Îsâ (`aleihi salâm)
There is no leader of one hundred or more except
The Prophet named him for us
There shall be a dissension and strife
There shall be among you twelve caliphs
There shall be dissensions and your people shall argue with you
There shall be, among you, one who shall fight over
the interpretation of the Qur'ân
These are the ones that shall govern after me
This (`Umar) is the bolt of dissension
This clan of the Quraysh shall remain safe until
This man (`Uthmân), at that time [fitna], shall follow right guidance
This son of mine is a leader of men
This son of mine (al-H.usayn)
Today you will ask me about nothing except I shall tell you about it
Tomorrow I shall give the flag to a man who loves Allâh and His Messenger
Tomorrow I shall give the flag to a man whom both
Allâh and His Messenger love
Two types of people shall perish concerning me (`Alî)
Umm Salama, keep the door closed
`Uthmân! Allâh may vest you with a shirt
`Uthmân passed by me while one of the angels was with me
`Uthmân! You will be given the caliphate after me but the hypocrites
We feel he (al-H.usayn) shall be killed on the shore of the Euphrates
We held the Messenger of Allâh in great awe and reverence
We kept away from conversation with our women
Were it not for fear that you would stop burying one another
What brings you?
When the Messenger of Allâh left us there was not a bird
Write it, for truly you shall suffer something similar
You (`Alî) shall be given leadership and caliphate
You (`Alî) shall certainly experience great hardship after me

Blessings and peace on the Prophet, his Family, and his Companions.

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