Khutbat al-Jumu`ah

Shaykh Muhammad Hisham Kabbani
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November 19, 1999

"Ha Mim! I swear by the Book that makes manifest (the truth). Surely We revealed it on a blessed night surely We are ever warning--Therein every wise affair is made distinct, A command from Us; surely We are the senders (of messengers)."

O believers, after two or three days it will be the Night of the fifteenth of the month of Sha`ban of the Islamic lunar calendar (Laylat al nisfi min Sha`ban).

According to most scholars of Islam, these verses of Surat al-Dukhan recited above refer either to the Night of Power (Laylat al-Qadr) or the Night of the middle of Sha`ban (Laylat nisfi shaban). In whatever way we take our understanding of these verses, that night is very important for Muslims to observe around the world.

The Prophet (s) has mentioned many hadith and his Companions (sahaba) have observed that night according to many scholars and Allah swt has mentioned in the Holy Quran, when he said, "Ha Mim, wal-kitab al-mubeen, inna anzalnaahu fee layalatin mubarakatin inna kunna mundhireen." - "Ha Mim! I swear by the Book that makes manifest (the truth). Surely We revealed it on a blessed night surely We are ever warning."

According to the explanation of Imam al-Suyuti in al-Jalalayn, "it might refer to Laylat al-qadr or it might refer to Laylat nisfi shaban."

According to Hasan al-Basri, one of the ascetics and scholars of Islam, "Thirty from the Companions of the Prophet said whoever prays this prayer of 100 rakats, Allah will look him 70 times and in every looking he is sending his mercy and blessings on him and takes 70 difficulties from him."

[Keep in mind that Imam Hasan al-Basri] was a Tabi` (one of the Followers of the Companions), who narrates this from 30 Sahaba.

Sayiddina Ali said (k) "on the night of the 15th Sha`ban stay up all night in worshipping Allah and fast its day."

The importance of that night is very great and I dedicated this Juma to speak about it, but I prefer to leave it at that much, and say to those hearing us from around the world: that night is coming, that month of the Prophet (s), Sha`ban, which is the month of the Prophet, and Ramadan, which is the month of Mercy, Rahma, the month of the Ummah is coming after two more weeks. And you have brothers and sisters that have been thrown from their homes and their countries, they are living among the trees, snow is covering them, they have no food, they have no shelter, they are dying. 250,000 Chechens are in their neighboring countries, Ingushetia , living in a very sad situation.

[Despite this] we did not hear one Arab leader say one thing until now, not one Muslim country said anything until now.

This is a conspiracy against the Muslims. Where are the Arab leaders, what are they doing in their palaces, what are doing between their wives and children? Where are they spending their money, where are they sending their children to study? Is it not better to look after these poor people in Chechnya, with 5000 refugees coming out of Chechnya every day? And you find a queue of seven kilometers at the border to Ingushetia, 4000passing from Chechnya every day.

Why was E. Timor supported so quickly? Why were the people of E. Timor given their rights? Why were they sent humanitarian aid, but not Chechnya? Why was the problem of E.Timor solved in one month but not Chechnya? Why not Kashmir? Why not the coming of Middle East peace? Why is there no support for Muslims around the world?

We have to support the Muslims, 1.5 billion of them. You cannot throw the ummah in the sea. If the ummah is 1.5 billion, if their presidents and governments are not enough, to take care of the Muslims, Allah will take care of them. Allah is preserving this religion. Whoever supports Muslims will be supported by Heaven, whoever opposes the Muslims will not be supported by Heaven, whatever they are going to do.

Whatever Muslim governments are not supporting, they are not going to be supported by Allah, but Muslims are going to be supported directly.

O Muslims, leaders, people, send support for the refugees at the border who are dying. Do not wait to sent it until after many years have passed as happened in Bosnia; not after 17 months as in Kosova. The problem of Chechnya has been taking place since August and no one has stood up.

We are asking heavenly support. When Abraha came to destroy the Ka`aba the Prophet’s (s) grandfather Abdul Muttalib said, "indeed there is a Lord of the House who will protect it" – "inna lil-bayti Rabbun yahmih". We say for the Muslims "indeed there is a Lord to protect the Muslims" We are not in need of people. Allah will give us akhira, the Hereafter which is better than dunya, this worldly life.

Do not let that night of the 15th of Sha`ban come without thinking of your Chechen brothers and sisters; so many suffering diseases, cold. Already 300,000 have died out of a total population in Chechnya of 1.2 million, and not one Muslim leader said anything [in the previous war].

The president of Chechnya had a meeting in the UAE to meet with its leaders. At last moment it was canceled, why? He had a meeting to meeting with the leaders of Pakistan; it was cancelled last moment. He had a meeting in some Far east countries; they were cancelled, again at the last moment.

What is wrong with Muslim mentalities, are they following Allah or following other than Allah? Are they following leaders or are they following the Leader of the Universe, the Creator of the Universe?

Do not let your brothers and sisters down anywhere in the world. Support the religion this is your life, otherwise you will find shaqawa, disappointment in this life and the next.

We find in the book of Barak that on the night of nisfi Sha`ban, all creatures in the world, the jinn, the wild animals, the animals of the sea, are all fasting that day.

One of the scholars said Sha`ban is one of five letters:

  1. Sheen; represents shanab, honor;
  2. Al-`ayn represents `uluw, to be elevated and honored;
  3. Ba represents birr, righteousness;
  4. Alif represents ulfa, familiarity;
  5. Nun represents nur, light.

These are gifts from Allah subhana wa ta`ala to His believers on this night. O Muslims around the world leaders, and people, this is a month of honor, shanab, this the month of `uluw, to be elevated, the month of birr, Righteousness, the month of nur light, and this is the month of ulfa, familiarity; so where is your honor? Where is your honor when Muslims have been put down? Where is your familiarity with others, whom you are leaving behind, ignoring, not helping by using your money.

Yes, you are spending millions on mosques, 10, 20 million dollars to decorate them with domes and minarets, forgetting the people the Muslims around the world! You are selling your subjects, you are conspiring against your people. As for most of our Muslim presidents, where is one of them that is pious? Is it pious to have Porsches, Ferraris, women, horses and palaces? [Is it pious to be] proud to have a $10 million horse? That is their pride. That is not pride, Allah is not going to look at it. Pride is in religion, to support your brothers and sisters. They have races of horses in London, happy with their horses, and each one is worth 10 Million dollars. Did any one of you say I am sending 15 million dollars to Chechnya, to Bosnia to Kosova to Palestine or to solve the miseries of Muslims around the world?

Look at them on TV every day. They are only broadcasting their horse racing, their car rallies, where they spend millions of dollars! What is the advertisements at their car rallies? It is Marlboros, cigarettes! At the horse arenas there is nothing but cigarettes. And there is no verse of Quran there. Yet when it comes to decorate the mosque they say, "No! it is haram!"

Allah is not going to count your hasanat (rewards) with your money, but with your `amal (good deeds). That night is laylat al-bara'at - is the night of forgiveness. Don’t let that night pass without seeking forgiveness.

Ka`b al-Ahbar (r) said, "Allah sent the night of 15th of Shaban with Jibreel to Paradise and he ordered the paradise to decorate itself and he announced in Paradise that Allah on that night has freed from hellfire as many persons as the number of stars in the universe."

How many stars are there? Billions and billions! That means that He forgives every night of nisfi Sha`ban. It is also narrated that as many as the number of the days this dunya [has existed] He releases people from the hellfire, for both its days and its nights.

O Muslims! [The blessings of] Laylat al-nisfi min Sha`ban is related to us through many sources. It is good to pray 100 rakats, in each rakat reciting Fatiha and 10 "Qul Hua Allahu ahad". To complete the prayer one recites 1000 Ikhlas. And it is very necessary that just as others observe it, that you observe it. And who can afford to make an invitation for people to feed people on that night to feed them and to remember Allah swt and to remember His Prophet (s), and to fast its day and pray its night, will be rewarded for that night and for whoever observes it.

Alhamdulillah hamd al-kamileen was-salat was-salaam `ala Sayiddina Muhammadin wa `ala alihi...

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